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2016 Winners

Posted by on 18 Oct 2016

 Overall Winner

Claire Shackleton

Glenbrook Kindergarten

Claire Shackleton began her teaching career in Nelson.  Since then she has taught in Franklin for over 3 decades, being Head Teacher of Glenbrook Kindergarten since 2002.  Claire has unwavering enthusiasm for teaching, a love of children & their development.  She connects with children individually to determine the best approach for their individual learning and development - through understanding my child she found something meaningful to help her settle at Kindy (picking silverbeet together for the child's much-loved chickens).    I've witnessed Claire's enthusiasm make mundane activities come alive in children's eyes. Claire is dedicated to the Kindergarten.  She leads fundraising by example, every year two weekends leading a car parking fundraiser, and as the major raffle ticket purchaser.  She supports 'out-of-hours' events organised by the Kindergarten Committee - Bikeathon/Snow Night/Fathers Night/Disco/End-of-Year gathering.   Claire also documents children's learning and updates their individual portfolio books, and the Kindy intranet site in her weekends & evenings.  When an excursion has been organised, Claire will be up early baking morning tea for the parents and whanau going on the trip. One of Claire's greatest attributes is her calmness - this pervades the Kindy environment.  She supports parents and children in her calm, warm, unassuming manner.  A font of knowledge & experience, Claire manages to help you, as a parent, come to your own solutions.  Somehow she always makes time.  All of these strengths, while maintaining complete professionalism, help to create the warm, inclusive environment of Glenbrook Kindergarten. Claire has also been a fantastic mentor, assisted many beginning teachers in becoming fully registered, and supported student teachers on their practicum's.  Claire is very creative and committed to continuous improvement in the Kindergarten learning environment.  The environment is always set up beautifully to extend the children's interests e.g a tree filled with spring-blossoms set up in the room or scrunch boxes of Autumn leaves.  She ensures an immense variety of activities & experiences are provided for the children.  She engages the children in projects not normally associated with pre-schoolers, all with calmness & patience e.g. making a driftwood Christmas tree,  birdhouses, chutneys, lemon honey, creating neat environmentally-friendly Christmas presents for parents.  She captures childrens' imaginations and is spontaneous e.g. lining up to watch roadworks or study an insect.  Claire often brings her own resources to support the childrens' learning, as well as seedlings, and plants from her garden to share with parents. Claire is synonymous with Glenbrook Kindergarten & extremely valued by the families, and children she has taught.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jo Butters, 2016                         

Early Childhood - runner up

Lisa James

First Steps Roydvale

Lisa is an awesome teacher. She is patient, has a great sense of fun, extremely kind and caring, and has a great love of Maori culture which she incorporates into the preschool in an inclusive manner. Experienced and skilled are two adjectives that describe her. Parents can immediately see this through her interactions with our children. She builds confidence in them as well as with us parents, as she assists with any personal challenges our children might be experiencing. She was a particular support when my children went through settling issues around the age of 4 years, likewise when my children's uncle passed away. I felt confident that she would support my daughter if any unhappiness or questions arose whilst she was at preschool. What I also like about Lisa is that she encourages our children's unique personalities to shine. She is enthusiastic to get to know each child as an individual and enjoys guiding children in their learning. She has a love of storytelling and instills this in our children. She understands what intrigues both girls and boys and includes this in her teaching. She shows an ongoing interest in all the children she has taught, beyond their preschool years. I truly believe many of the children love Lisa. I know my daughter had a strong bond with her, through her sense of fun, encouraging words and storytelling. My daughter still wishes to visit the preschool that her younger brother now attends and her main reason is 'to see Lisa'. For Melissa her lasting memory of preschool is Lisa and she looks back on preschool with fondness. In writing this I don't want to ignore the excellent work the other teachers and staff do at First Steps Roydvale as they are an excellent team, however to me and many parents Lisa is something special. Her manner with the children, teaching them how to interact with each other in a positive way, demonstrating how to care for their environment and each other, she often role models to me better ways of explaining to my children behaviour or situations, in that sense she is not only a preschool teacher but a parenting role model. I have appreciated her work over the last 6 years and in nominating Lisa I wish to recognise her enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and drive and say thank you for helping to raise our children.                                                        

Vicki Borcoskie, 2016         

Early Childhood - runner up

Melissa Palmer

ABC Tauranga Central

Melissa has worked at ABC Tauranga Central for the past 12 years where she is the most dedicated teacher I have met. Melissa has made a positive difference in many children's lives through her constant positivity, respectful practice and enthusiasm for ensuring every child has the best start to life. Everyday when I work with Melissa I can see her strength in developing reciprocal relationships with both parents/whanau and the children where she takes the time to really get to know the families and ensures they feel a great sense of belonging and understanding. An example of this is her effort and energy she puts in to making parents feel welcome, where recently Melissa organised and held a big mothers day breakfast for all of our families. The amount of effort and care she put into this morning just shows her dedication and commitment to the families who attend our centre. I am in awe of her respectful and nurturing teaching practice which she demonstrates daily. Children love to be around Melissa where they feel lots of aroha in her presence. Melissa is committed to ensuring that quality education and care is practiced within her centre where she is always supporting and mentoring staff to grow and develop. I know a lot of teachers who look up to her as a role model where she will always take time to support those who need it.  I believe Melissa deserves to be acknowledged for all the great work she does within the Tauranga community and we are so grateful to have such an amazing inspiring teacher in our presence.                                                                Gemma Gilbert, 2016                                          

Early Childhood - runner up

Susan Hildred

Hokowhitu Kindergarten

Susan has been teaching at Hokowhitu Kindergarten (and throughout the Ruahine Kindergarten Associations many other Kindergartens) for many years helping to shape our tamariki into competent and confident youngsters ready to embark on their journey to primary school. Susan always creates a special bond with many of the more shy children who may take a little longer to settle into the Kindergarten environment. More so, Susan readily takes on the challenge of forming relationships with Special Needs children and making a real connection meaning they can focus more on their education rather than constantly working on their sense of belonging. Kindergarten teachers are more than 'just teachers' on so many levels. These special people step in and take on the role of chief hand holder, obstacle course navigator, conflict mediator, nappy changer, toilet trainer, scientist, rugby coach, sandpit manager, nose wiper, building apprentice, paramedic, insect catcher, listener, choir leader, dance instructor, artist, cleaner, Lego extraordinaire, story teller, photographer, excursion planner, baker, tear drier, cuddle giver (often to parents in their times of need also!) and so much more. Mostly though, they are an extra rock in the foundation of our children's lives, ready to do whatever it takes to love their students as if they were their own. As well as educating our children to the highest of their ability and potential, they are also required to manage the day to day running of a busy Kindergarten with a wide range of challenges. Win or lose, we know that Susan is hugely appreciated by all of the families who have had the absolute privilege of educating their children through Hokowhitu Kindergarten under the watch of the very skilled and incredibly inspiring Susan.  

Amelia Tamarapa, 2016      

Primary/Intermediate - runner up

 Trudi Bertie

Maungakaramea School

Better known as Miss B to parents and kids who truly do love her. Her enthusiasm is seen every day as she is so positive, bubbly and happy and that in itself inspires our kids to have the same attitude. I have never seen her having a down/bad day she always has a smile and is cheerful! She also runs the Kapa Haka group which is normally during the breaks in the day and has not only got my children to join but has actually made them love it so much that they are constantly walking around the house singing their songs and singing them with pride and enthusiasm! Her creativity and drive is present in her Enviro group which inspires the kids to be involved in planting and looking after the vegetables they plant and looking after the worm farm. She also teaches them about having pride for their school and this has inspired many kids to walk around the school picking up rubbish that is sometimes dropped there on the weekends. Her dedication is shown in her car being parked outside the school till very late in the day and on weekends. As well as taking part in the swimming sports which was the first time ever I had seen teachers swimming with the kids. Beyond this she also attended sports on a very rainy weekend and attending a dance show which was out of school hours. Her creativity is shown in the art that she manages our kids to achieve. As well as the creativity that goes into the garden ornaments that are part of the enviro group. She also brings in new concepts to the school to teach the kids about the world and getting them motivated for success for example the 'money game'. She is simply the best teacher my boy has every had, she has built his confidence and given him the ability to think that his work is good and worth every bit he puts in which just makes him want to work that much harder on his next piece of work! People say everyone is replaceable but I can tell you that she is not and she is simply an asset that every school would want we are very, very lucky to have such an amazing teacher with so many great qualities, she is just awesome!                                                                                              Kirsty Lombard, 2016     

Primary/Intermediate - runner up

 Andy McLarin

Green Bay Primary School

We would like to nominate an absolutely incredible and irreplaceable teacher. Andy McLarin is so enthusiastic about his class and teaching that the energy in his classroom is contagious and not only his energy in the classroom, he also sings while marking homework at home because he loves it so much! At the end of the first day of school each year, he refers to his class as an "absolutely awesome bunch of students" expressing obvious zeal and excitement about the year ahead. He readily tells any parent who comes into the classroom what an "awesome class" he has and how much he loves teaching them. Andy's enthusiasm is constant and never ending and he has so much drive and motivation that he recently put his hand up to coach the school's new soccer team, many of whom had never played before. With his unstoppable energy, as always, he trained and prepared interested players and they played and placed very well. Andy's drive to improve his students' academic results is unfailing. There are no limits to his service to his students, many of whom try to stay in the classroom well after the bell has gone at the end of the day and this is a true testament to the connection he fosters with his students. They have made incredible improvements in all areas of their learning because of his dedication and drive and he willingly offers guidance and support for anyone struggling. Andy's dedication is unbeatable and he goes over and above his call of duty to make sure his class are happy and thriving. He even phones parents in the evening to check on the well-being of a student if they injured themselves at school. Andy takes a genuine interest in the families of his students and he is not only a valuable member of the school, but also the community as a foster parent and a volunteer for a large soccer club. Andy often has ex-students visiting him on their way home from our local high school - he welcomes students as family and his commitment to them doesn't end with the school year. Andy makes learning fun with his creative and ingenious ideas to motivate his students and therefore they love learning. He often creates amusing games to facilitate learning and maintain interest and he encourages his students to be creative. Andy is an incredible teacher and we think he deserves to be recognized for his endless commitment to his students!

Alex Simpson, 2016                                           


Primary/Intermediate - runner up

 Hannah Kinsman

Meadowbank School

Miss Kinsman inspires and encourages all the children in her class, she is so enthusiastic in everything she does, she has an extremely warm and caring personality and always has the most contagious smile on her face. There are often kids from her previous year teaching calling into say hi, which is an indication of the impact she had on them. She always steps into help where needed, selflessly giving up her own time. She does running club before school so there are enough adults to run with the children, my daughter loves that she runs with them, a great role model. She has stepped up as coach of my daughters year 4 netball team and has taught them lots of new skills. She is so passionate at the games, praising them when they demonstrate the skills that have been taught and teaching them great sportsmanship and teamwork. She came along willingly to the school disco, after school hours to help supervise and have a dance with the kids. She treats all the children very fairly and encourages them in areas that she knows they are not confident in. She makes learning fun, (even maths!) and has them doing some fantastic craft projects. She is always researching and trying new crafts, the results are great and I am more than happy to put them on my wall! My daughter is so proud of her results, art was something she always thought she couldn't do! She teaches them some fun educational games that my daughter brings home for the whole family to play. Times tables have now become a fun game! Miss Kinsman encouraged all the class with the jump rope for heart program, my daughter learnt how to skip for the first time along with a lot of her class mates and together they raised the most money out of all the classes within the school. They were all so proud of themselves as a team. My daughter is loving having Miss Kinsman as her teacher, she has come a long way in her learning and even more so in her confidence this year. She now has a love of reading and has realised that maths really isn't that awful after all.. Thanks for being you Miss Kinsman, you are one of a kind!                                   

Rachel Pulman, 2016                                           


Secondary - runner up

Roger Gregory

Taupo-nui-a-Tia College

Why are history classes roll so large extra desks have been needed to accommodate all the students? That reason is our teacher - Mr Roger Gregory, year thirteen dean -a living school legend. Normally history is taken by primarily academic students, but at our college, all sorts can be found within the map covered walls of Mr Gregory's classroom. He is one of the most entertaining, genuine, witty and enthusiastic person I have ever met. His knowledge not only of history, but politics, philosophy, travel, social studies and much, much more create a dynamic learning environment for all. He goes out of his way for students in need of an extra hand, and accommodates even the most extreme perspectives and queries during the frequent open classroom discussions- in which everyone gets involved. He effortlessly leads teenagers of all kinds, gaining respect without ever having to raise his voice, and is known school wide for his compelling monologues and outrageous acting skills. It is a true sight to behold when Mr Gregory enters the class, and an almost reverent hush falls over everyone. He never has to ask for quiet; it is always given freely thanks to his ability to effortlessly inform and connect with his pupils. Mr Gregory also gladly offers any striving students new challenges, goals, extra-curricular activities and more to keep them busy and engaged. His ability to engage such a wide variety of teenagers in history has allowed so many students to meet literacy requirements that they otherwise may not have achieved. He has inspired countless ex-pupils to pursue history throughout their lives, no matter if they had lots of one on one time with him or not; even with classes of 30+ he seems to know all of his students and treats us as individuals. He is also planning to start up a philosophy club, in order to broaden students' horizons even further into the works of Plato, Aristotle and Ren Descartes. His office door is always open for anyone in need of help, advice, or if you're simply curious to hear more about the subject matter discussed in class. He is a leader, a friend and an incredible teacher who should be recognised for his inspiring qualities.         

Jack Clunie, 2016         

Secondary - runner up

Caren Brodie

Massey High School

In our high school career we are expected to have roughly 40 different teachers. Out of all of those, one or two stand out. Mrs Brodie is that one. She has the patience of a saint! She accommodates for every need, and is always finding ways to make English work for individual students rather than just the whole class. Although we know that she is incredibly well organised with a structured lesson plan, Mrs Brodie never shies away from exploring ideas the class has bought up. She always wants to hear more, she's forever curious about our minds and really shows she cares. Mrs Brodie gets on with everyone, and has a wicked sense of humour. Yet Mrs Brodies classes arent just fun and games. She expects the very best from you, and encourages hard work. Mrs Brodie goes out of her way for her students. She inspires us every day with her passion for feminism, her dedication to her work, and her love of learning. She teaches us not just about Shakespeare, but about values and the importance of personal growth. She encourages passion and creativity both in our schoolwork and in our lives. One of the most inspiring things that Mrs Brodie has done is this year she started a group known affectionately as the Women's Battalion of Death. Here we discuss social issues and how we as women can contribute and help make the world a better place. Mrs Brodie never fails to amazing us by coming up with interesting discussion and topics to challenge our viewpoints or make us think beyond the superficial. Teachers are some of the most important people in young students' lives. Mrs Brodie is more than just an excellent role model, but someone that encourages you to be yourself. She regularly reminds us that trying is better than not, and that failure is okay. Mrs Brodie is a professional, both as a teacher and as a dean. But she is always up for sharing book recommendations or getting involved in silly school activities. Mrs Brodie's legacy is in the kids she inspires every day. The Women's Battalion will miss her witty responses and sharp mind, but will never forget the lessons she taught us. As we leave high school and go out into the world, we will remember the importance of education, kindness, and curiosity. We love you Mrs Brodie!                   

Women's Battalion, 2016                                           

Secondary - runner up

 Hone Heke Rankin

Rosmini College

Everyday Mr Rankin meets and exceeds the requirements of his job at our awesome college. Mr Rankin came to us with a desire to increase the academic and cultural profile of Maori and Pacific peoples within the college. Since we were lucky enough to have him join us he has increased and maximized interest in Maori as a subject and culture. He has done this by being an incredible role model, mentor, leader and motivator of the boys. He encourages and supports every boy possible encourages internal support by other teachers and departments and has an inclusive approach that has won over many, sparked excitement development and community and whanau/aiga support. He has continued and amplified programmes which are now recognized as ground breaking and without comparison. Under his watchful eye he has encouraged a student mentoring programme including the establishment of Whanau and Pacific Leaders within the school ranks. He has continued and developed Maori Breakfast which provides support for students who need help with staff providing help and a shared breakfast meal every week. Kapa haka is now thriving in the school with regular practices including the establishment of a group 'Te Roopu Rangatira' who participate in academic, sporting and cultural competitions and events. To say we are lucky is an understatement he has also taken over 2nd IV and established a Waka Ama Team who have already had numerous individual and team successes he offers after hours support for training and fitness goals for the group and teams it encompasses but also mentors boys who need personal support. As families and community we are regularly consulted and have formed a support group to drive external funding for projects such as next years planned trip to take a group of 25 for a total immersion Tikanga and Kaupapa Maori Trip where they will be able to experience physical, spiritual and cultural aspects of Te Ao Maori (the Maori World). Not only will this be a once in a lifetime life changing cultural event for the boys they will also be actively working towards NCEA credits. With Mr Rankin the Maori Department is collaborating with Physics and Foodtech to produce some amazingly successful Hangi events. He is driven, kind generous with his time and sharing his many life and academic skills with the boys we now have better results for Maori and Pacific students than the average median.           

Cara Smith, 2016                                          



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